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Wildlife Scouts Project

We provide secondary and high school students excellent volunteering opportunities in various forms at home or on the field in wildlife conservation events/projects.

Wildlife Habitat Protection Project

Protecting and restoring wildlife habitats is our mission, so we are focused on protecting current wildlife habitats and creating more opportunities to restore more land where wildlife used to live on. 

Human-Wildlife Reduction Project

Due to unrestrained human activities, human-wildlife conflicts always result in a mass killing of wild animals by humans. Reduction of such conflicts is critical in saving wildlife species from extinction.

Human-Wildlife Relation Research Project

The relationship between man and wildlife is always neglected and lacks in-depth research, but it is crucial to promote the harmonious coexistence between man and wildlife.

Wildlife Behavior Research Project

This is the most popular research project. At present, there have been many such studies. Many universities and scholars are doing such studies, but these studies are still not enough. Our understanding of various wild animals is still insufficient. It is important for us to know more about the relationship between the same species, the relationship between different species, and their relationship with the environment. We still encourage such studies. Of course, the purpose of research is not to publish articles and obtain rewards, but to promote the effectiveness of wildlife conservation work.

Education for Wildlife Conservation Project

Education is a long-term solution to promote the global ecological environment and wildlife protection. Better education can promote young people to cultivate awareness of environmental protection and wildlife protection from childhood, and can effectively influence their parents, teachers, classmates, and friends. Education needs long-term and sustained efforts that needs to develop more suitable courses, and to pay attention to all aspects of education, including ordinary education and biodiversity teaching practice.

Community Welfare Project

The attitude and participation of communities around wildlife habitats are the key to wildlife protection. Only by creating an economic model that benefits the community sustainably can the relationship between the community and wildlife be changed from hostility to friendship, and the participation of the community can be effectively improved. The best solution is to make humans and wildlife a joint community of interests.

Women's Empowerment Project
Women are the backbone of a family. The status of women in the family is a sign of whether a society is harmonious and stable. We are committed to helping female students receive more and better education in Maasai Mara, Kenya, and helping women increase their income to improve their family status. We believe that all these efforts will help local communities to strive for a better life, which will help us achieve the ultimate goal of ecological environment and wildlife protection.

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