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In today's world, the protection of the ecological environment is the biggest challenge facing mankind. Climate change threatens the survival of mankind. If we can not abandon our differences and join hands to work together, we will all be victims. Extreme weather, air pollution, water shortage/pollution, soil pollution, mountain fires, diseases, and pests will make us eternally doomed. Wildlife protection is the main content of biodiversity protection. It is not only a cause that the government and scholars should do but also a cause that all citizens of the earth should participate in and support. It is the most important public welfare cause and requires more people to contribute their time, expertise, and funds. With strong efforts and action can we have a chance to solve the environmental crisis and ensure that we and future generations can continue to live on this blue planet.


Your donation will be used to support our team operation and various projects, so as to ensure that we can continue to dedicate our efforts to create a beautiful new world of peace and win-win situation between mankind and harmonious coexistence between mankind and wildlife.


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